Vancouver will always be a great place to live!


Dream House Vancouver Real Estate
Your dream home is out there.

As a real estate professional I understand the market and study trends to evaluate the best times and places to buy or sell. That’s my job and I enjoy it immensely and that is why I’m here to help you navigate your way through these ever changing times in the crazy real estate world that Vancouver is. While a certain subset of citizens and one particular political party would like everyone to be depressed and worried about everything, the sky in fact is not falling! The slowing trend in sales is a great to allow time for both buyers and sellers to catch their breath find good homes, inspect and negotiate without previous external pressures. This is a great time for all.  While supply is down and building starts have slowed there are many great deals out there for everyone.  With better support and better planning from our political parties, things can only get better.  The sun is shining and its beautiful out there so keep your heads high, better days are ahead. I would be happy to help you with any of your real estate needs, feel free to call me at anytime.  The article below is a great summary of todays market and where its going. Please also follow me on Instagram, #mattmageerealty