Vancouver Housing Market Forecast 2019/2020

LNG will fuel growth in the housing sector.
LNG will fuel growth in the housing sector.

Greater Vancouver has a lot going for it and as demand grows from the overheating US economy, this city has to benefit. The BC economic department cites big growth in natural gas, timber, agriculture, manufacturing, services, and that value gets focused right on the GVA.

August’s economic numbers were phenomenal. Exports grew 16.6% to a staggering $4 billion and this is on top of an 11% gain in July. A good portion of the growth was a sudden increase in metals exports.

The housing market in greater Vancouver declined yet again in August, and the upcoming September sales report won’t be positive either. Last month, housing sales hit a 6 year low and in July hit a 30 year low.  Yet even with a growing number of listings, prices are still up 2.2% from 2017.

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