BC Home Prices Stabilize and will Creep Back

Home sales in B.C. are likely to rise slightly this year, and more in 2020, according to a forecast released February 25 by the B.C. Real Estate Association (BCREA). The association said it expects residential sales in the province to rise two per cent to 80,000 units this year. This follows a slow 2018 in […]

Vancouver is still a great place to buy or sell homes.

While housing activity appears to be slowing in 2018, real estate agents working in this western Canadian market aren’t worried. Just under 50% of ReMax agents surveyed by MoneySense believe prices will continue to rise this year, while another 40% felt prices would level off. What’s shocking is the percentage of agents who admitted to working with […]

An interesting new way to go green

  http://clarivate.com/blog/ip-standards/solar-paint-generate-energy-object-sun/ I am always looking for new and exciting news for my real estate clients and home owners.  Going green is an important part of the present and the future.  Something revolutionary may soon be available that can help speed up our transition to using renewable energy in our daily lives.  While the use […]