Speculation tax could mean a great time to buy or sell!



Real estate speculation tax
Speculation Tax could mean a great time for homeowners!

Although many real estate investors are unhappy with the NDP government and it’s rather random real estate tax rules, it could benefit many Vancouver residents and home owners, sellers and buyers.

Although Vancouver will always remain a highly desirable place to live a stable real estate market could be a boon for all.  While there will always be upward pressure on prices because of lack of building space and sheer population growth, moves such as this may lessen the frenetic price increases.  In addition out of control tear down and build projects should begin to ease meaning more qualified contractors available and more affordable pricing for things such as renovation and repairs.

In my opinion this is a great time to buy or sell and I would love to help you on your exciting journey.  Read more in link below. Thank you sincerely, Matt Magee.