Real Estate is about more than just numbers

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Real Estate is about more than just numbers

I’ve worked as a realtor in Vancouver for the past 15 years, and in that time I’ve been in many situations where multiple offers are presented. I’ve noticed these situations become much more aggressive over time, requiring more strategizing from realtors. When I’m trying to win for my clients, creativity and persistence are a must.

Recently I worked on a multiple offer scenario where we knew to expect eight to ten competing offers. This was during the crazy spring market, and the seller was addressing offers on Monday. Our viewing was on Wednesday. Given the small window of opportunity, I knew we needed to do something different and special.

The elderly lady selling her home had lived there for most of her adult life and clearly had a lot of emotional attachment to the property. I told my clients that if they really loved this home, they should go back a few times over the next few days to get a better understanding of the unique aspects of this home, and demonstrate their interest. On Monday, I told my clients to write a letter from their heart, and to mention what about this home spoke to them the most. My clients wrote about their desire to maintain the beautiful garden the seller had invested so much time in over the years, and wrote about how this property was a perfect fit for their needs. They were working within a very strict budget and could not compete high, so I told them to put their best foot forward.

In the end, the seller chose my clients because of their sincerity. There were nine other offers, and four of these were higher in price – the highest was 185k above what my clients offered. However, real estate is about more than just numbers, and homes are an emotional investment as well as financial. As a realtor, I make sure both buyers and sellers have their needs met in a deal, and establish a clear line of communication between the parties. In this situation, the seller wanted buyers who would truly appreciate her home, and something as simple as a letter went a long way!