My advice. Start buying now.

Hong Kong unrest leading to real estate frenzies elsewhere.

I have been stating this for a few months now and it’s becoming more and more clear – ‘‘this lull in real estate activity is coming to an end, abruptly!” It is not only that the unrest in Hong Kong is already starting to produce some staggering new deals in places like London, Sydney, Toronto and of course Vancouver, the latest market indicators also point to a total market recovery. The Hong Kong story is only going to add fuel to the fire. My hope is that pricing rises gradually and the upcoming frenzy does not stress the market into skyrocketing prices again as that insanity is actually tough on buyers, sellers and realtors alike, but prices are definitely starting to feel some upward pressure and my honest advice is don’t stay on the sidelines waiting because you may miss your best chance ever to get into the lower mainland real estate market.