Greater Vancouver Sales Soar!

If you are looking to buy or sell, it is important to have a realtor on your side that has experience and understands the current state of the market.
As we entered April, lots of us were putting away our skis and pulling out the golf clubs instead! While we prepare for warmer weather and outdoor adventures, many people are speculating what will happen with Real Estate listings and pricing.I can share with you that April brought a shower of new listings! With more than 10,000 homes for sale, the fear of not finding a home eases.

This past April, Greater Vancouver sales had soared 34.3% compared to the same month a year earlier to more than 5000 transactions to set the all-time high for the month.

The market continues to be busy and very active.

If you are interested in buying or selling, please call me. I’m happy to share my knowledge of real estate with you and help you find your next home!