Exciting New Office for Dexter and Associates

For the last 15 yrs since I’ve been working at the Dexter – Kerrisdale and we have never really endured in any real changes of any significance. However recently in the last couple months our legacy in Kerrisdale in going to shift into the much more vibrant area of south Granville where there is many great elements from interesting cultures and art gallery’s and boutique shopping to fantastic restaurants and more!
The big change to move our office was announced at a morning meeting a couple months ago and since then the renovations to the new venue have been on full throttle with many crews multi tasking for long days to completion.

On Monday November 5th, the finished product was finally unveiled to all associates and everyone was blown away… hats off to our legendary managing brokers especially Dave Peerless for his vision, creativity and the drive for change and innovation. So many great things to look forward to in the fresh new working environment. Absolutely everyone in the company is extremely grateful and excited!

Come see us at our new headquarters at 10th and Granville and I would love to give you a tour – it is truly next level! With World class technology and comfort we can have great discussions on how to help you in your shopping for a perfect new home and take full advantage of a buyers market. Our new address is Unit 560 – 2608 South Granville Street.

Many Thanks, Matt Magee