Market is heating up!

With a flourishing spring market already creating a buzz and gaining momentum- now is a great time to be selling! With a massive shortage of supply this is driving prices up again and buyers are competing and levels not seen in some time. Again the market is heating up and positive outcomes and more normal […]

January Market Update

There’s opportunity in every market- guidance and knowledge to properly assess how to proceed is the key! You should always be educated in order to win! Get what you want! Timing is everything! January ended with 1,030 properties sold of all types across Greater Vancouver, meaning sales more than doubled in the past two weeks […]

Fixed vs. Variable

What’s the difference between fixed and variable rates? With a fixed-rate mortgage, your rate is locked into place for a period of time called the term. The rate is typically a little higher but you will have the same mortgage payment for the term. If you break the mortgage, there are bigger penalties and you […]

Mid January Market Update

Here are the January mid month market statistics. Although things seem slow, the holiday hang over is subsiding and people are getting organized for our early spring market.    Now is the time to contact an experience real estate agent  if you are considering buying or selling a home. If you’d like a hand navigating […]

New Rules

New rules for the real estate market in Vancouver BC have been introduced as of January 1st. The Home Buyer Rescission Period (HBRP), also known as the “cooling-off period,” has been implemented as a consumer protection measure to give home buyers time to consider whether a purchase is right for them. Under the HBRP, buyers […]

2023 Begins with Confidence

The 2022 housing market will be remembered as one of the most volatile that Metro Vancouver has ever seen, rising to unprecedented highs early in the year only to fall to a near 40-year low by December. Along the way the year crushed every cliché in the residential market. January and February sales, normally the […]

Ask Me Anything

  In this market it’s not unusual to to have many questions about the direction to go and how to get there… This is a very tactical time still and guidance is paramount. Looking forward to our upcoming season of preparation for your ideas and potential moves it’s important how you position yourself in order […]

Falling Prices and Rising Rates

If your looking to get involved now or making plans to be proactive now could be your window…. With inventory coming on and prices dropping your time frame is ideal. Please review this information on market facts and statistics, this will be a great start. I am available to sit down and guide you home […]

Lowest Benchmark Home Price

The October real estate statistics have been released and there was some interesting insights this month. Lowest benchmark home price: New Westminster at $809.900 Highest number of Greater Vancouver sales since June 2022 Benchmark home price is down 9.2% from six months ago North Vancouver average home prices up 8.5% from September West side detached […]