Buyers Opting for Condos

What can be expected towards the end of this year?


The lowest we’ve seen at the start of this year is 6200 active listings. We will likely have less than 6000 at the end of December which would translate into less than 5000 active listings in Greater Vancouver at the start of 2022.


We suspect more buyers are opting for a condo apartment because there is simply such little choice amidst unprecedented low inventory across all of Metro Vancouver.


Sales of condominium apartments accounted for 53% of all housing sales in Greater Vancouver in November 2021, with a 33.33% surge in transactions compared to November in 2020, but the record setting sales pace may underline desperation in the market.


My personal opinion is this is a market to sell your home or investment with the rewards of acquiring top price and getting multiple offerings to choose from. If your buying you’d better call me for strategic guidance and get you what you want!

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