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Vancouver Home Prices Fall

Jul 27, 2018
Home Prices Finally Come Down! While its always great to own your own home and land now be the best time ever to get into the detached market! While sales have slowed prices in general have remained s [more]
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Home sales ok but condos still on fire!

Jul 12, 2018
This still holds true today.  The upper end of the market has slowed but remained reasonable in a more sane way but condo sales are still going crazy since all the housing measures were out in place.  [more]
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Dirty money and foreign ownership not drivin...

Jun 30, 2018
This is very interesting stuff. Read the article and watch the videos to understand what the experts know…….. Attorney General David Eby has tasked German with a second phase of the invest [more]
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An interesting new way to go green

Jun 08, 2018
  Solar paint: How to generate energy from any object under the sun I am always looking for new and exciting news for my real estate clients and home owners.  Going green is an important part of [more]
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Higher Taxes on Homes is Not the Answer to s...

Jun 03, 2018
If you’re worried about real estate prices and owning your own home the article below will really make you question our governments involvement and taxation policies. Continuing to tax everyone is not [more]
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Vancouver will always be a great place to li...

May 26, 2018
  As a real estate professional I understand the market and study trends to evaluate the best times and places to buy or sell. That’s my job and I enjoy it immensely and that is why I’m here to help y [more]
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Great time to look for your dream luxury hom...

May 08, 2018
With the real estate market becoming sane and steady this could be a great time for those who have dreamt of owning a luxury home.  With the market changing in various sectors the biggest movement has [more]
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Speculation tax could mean a great time to b...

Apr 26, 2018
    Although many real estate investors are unhappy with the NDP government and it’s rather random real estate tax rules, it could benefit many Vancouver residents and home owners, sel [more]
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Its a great time to buy luxury homes!

Apr 14, 2018
Sales in detached homes have slipped from an all time high but still remain steady. Lower pricing at the top end means some great opportunities to get into the luxury home market. With low inventory o [more]
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We are experiencing a seller's market for condos and a buyer's market for detached homes.

Seller’s Market for Condos and Townhom...

Mar 23, 2018
Now is a great time to sell condos or townhouses if you want to move into the detached housing market, either in th [more]
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Millennials in Vancouver don't own property as frequently as previous generations did.

Home Buying for Millennials – It’...

Mar 01, 2018
Many millennials in Vancouver feel as if they’ll never be able to afford a home, and consider either becoming lifel [more]
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The property transfer tax in the new provincial budget is 5% for the portion of value exceeding $3 million.

Property Transfer Tax Increase in New Budget

Feb 22, 2018
There’s been a lot of speculation as to how the NDP’s first full budget will impact the lives of British Columbians [more]
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