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We are experiencing a seller's market for condos and a buyer's market for detached homes.

Seller’s Market for Condos and Townhom...

Mar 23, 2018
Now is a great time to sell condos or townhouses if you want to move into the detached housing market, either in th [more]
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Millennials in Vancouver don't own property as frequently as previous generations did.

Home Buying for Millennials – It’...

Mar 01, 2018
Many millennials in Vancouver feel as if they’ll never be able to afford a home, and consider either becoming lifel [more]
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The property transfer tax in the new provincial budget is 5% for the portion of value exceeding $3 million.

Property Transfer Tax Increase in New Budget

Feb 22, 2018
There’s been a lot of speculation as to how the NDP’s first full budget will impact the lives of British Columbians [more]
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Demand for condos and townhomes exceeded supply in January 2018 - detached homes saw less sales than this category.

January 2018 Sales Recap by Region

Feb 16, 2018
Now that it’s February, we can take a detailed look at sales from January, and identify trends we might expect to c [more]
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Yaletown might lose half of its parking stalls.

Yaletown Parking Spot Removal Planned by Cit...

Feb 08, 2018
In March 2018 we might see half of the parking spots in Yaletown disappear. Spots on Hamilton Street and Mainland S [more]
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Plans for the potential False Creek redevelopment that would replace viaducts.

What’s the Future of Vancouver’s...

Jan 30, 2018
One of the biggest urban planning discussions in Vancouver right now revolves around the Georgia and Dunsmuir viadu [more]
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Foreign ownership accounts for approximately 1 in 5 new-build purchases.

How Common is Foreign Ownership?

Jan 17, 2018
Foreign ownership is a frequent topic of conversation in Vancouver. We are all curious to what extent these purchas [more]
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2018 Property Tax Increases

Jan 09, 2018
One of my recent blog posts addressed the new mortgage stress test rules effective in 2018, and now I want to talk [more]
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Many B.C. homeowners will experience increased 2018 assessments.

B.C. Assessment Increases

Jan 01, 2018
B.C. homeowners should be aware that B.C. Assessment has sent out almost 70,000 warning letters regarding outsized [more]
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Learn About the New Mortgage Stress Test Rul...

Dec 21, 2017
As we approach the end of 2017, it’s a perfect time to look ahead at some of the regulations that will impact the V [more]
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2017 Market Retrospective

Dec 14, 2017
Here’s a look at the wonderful world of real estate as we approach end of year. These are Vancouver’s latest market [more]
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B.C. bans dual agency real estate deals.

B.C.’s Dual Agency Ban

Dec 06, 2017
B.C.’s real estate agents no longer have the ability to represent both buyers and sellers in a transaction. The dua [more]
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